Monday, December 28, 2009

A touch of luck slips from finger

A nice story from Buffalo-

The tears force Frances Campbell to stop talking.

She looks down at her hand, lightly touches her wedding ring, and begins once again to speak.

“I didn’t even know when it slipped off,” Frances says touching the ring again. “I knew it was too big because I had trouble with my face lately and I had trouble eating, I knew my fingers had gotten small. I knew my ring needed to get fixed but it was just one of those things that you keep putting off.”

Francis was working the Episcopal Church’s “Surprise You Sale” on Dec. 5. She was assigned the task of loading bags for patrons and after a few hours of work, she prepared to leave. That’s when she noticed her diamond wedding ring was gone.

“I thought for sure it had just slipped off in my glove,” she said. “But when I got home and looked, it wasn’t there.”

One can’t understand the height of the loss without considering the importance of the object.

To put it in Francis’ words, “diamonds don’t mean anything unless they mean something to you,” and these diamonds meant a lot to Francis.

“Jerry was pretty sly when he got the ring made,” Francis said. “He told me that he was taking it down to get his cleaned and asked if I wanted him to take mine too.”

What Jerry really did was get the ring fitted with two diamonds, one coming from his mother’s and before that grandmother’s wedding ring and the other from Francis’ engagement ring.

“He took it to a local jeweler named Charlie Witt. Charlie only made one of each ring. He never made duplicates,” Frances said. “I can remember the day Jerry gave it to me. It was such a surprise, it was our 30th wedding anniversary and we were having a family picnic in Story, I was so surprised to get it.”

In November of 2004, Jerry passed away. As the first athletic director at Buffalo High School, he made a lasting impact on students and faculty. As a football coach he was a fixture in the community and as a loving father and husband his absence was deeply felt by his family.

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