Saturday, December 26, 2009

Episcopal Church In Homewood Thankful For New Roof

From Pittsburgh-

For the congregation of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in Homewood, this Christmas Eve Mass was the answer to their prayers.

"This church has been needing a roof for quite a while and we finally get the roof put on. And this is our first celebration since that has been done," Hugh Blackman, a parishioner, said.

It's a welcome new beginning compared to what the congregation had to endure prior to the repairs.

"We had a leaky roof. It was leaking in many places. We had problems with the walls, paint peeling from the walls, the plaster falling on people," Rev. Dr. Moni McIntyre explained. "The clear story windows – two had already fallen in."

The roof and other restoration work totaled over $220,000 paid for partly by a church loan, the Diocese and generous donations.

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