Monday, December 21, 2009

Is an Anglican schism in the offing?

From Spero Forum-

We are about to enter the second decade of the third millennium. In ten years’ time, shall we find the world-wide Anglican Communion still one, or broken up into a group of splinter churches?

A standing committee of the Anglican Communion held in London from 15 to 18 December this year passed a resolution, approved for public distribution.

It read as follows:

in the light of
i) the recent Episcopal nomination in the Diocese of Los Angeles of a partnered lesbian candidate
ii) the decisions in a number of US and Canadian dioceses to proceed with the formal ceremonies of same-sex blessings
iii) continuing cross-jurisdictional activity within the Communion,

the standing committee strongly affirms Resolution 14.09 of Anglican Consultative Council 14 supporting three moratoria proposed by the Windsor Report of 2004 requesting “gracious restraint” in respect of actions that endanger the unity of the Anglican Communion by going against the declared view of the Instruments of Communion.
In short, think twice before confirming the nomination of Mary Glasspool as suffragan-elect of Los Angeles, since this raises serious questions for the future of the Communion as a whole.

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