Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christ Church organizes disaster relief drive

From North Jersey-

Right now when Haiti is mentioned, destruction and sadness come to mind. Christ Church in the township wants to help rejuvenate the nation.

Through the Episcopal Relief and Development outreach funds, the church matched donations from parishioners. Within three days the campaign garnered $10,000.

As more contributions flowed in, Christ Church used their relief funds to match and the grand total came to $26,924.21.

All of the monies are able to be used immediately on site to aid the Episcopalian rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

John Cooper is one of the wardens at Christ Church. Although only recently aware of the fact, Cooper explained that there is a large Episcopalian presence in Haiti.

"Haiti is the largest and fastest growing diocese in the Episcopalian faith," said Cooper. "Before the earthquake there were 83,000 Episcopalians, 97 churches, 200 schools and 6,000 students."

Cooper said that money is the best thing to help rebuild the Episcopalian churches and schools.

"Money is what Haiti needs. Clothing and other items are useful but money is the thing which will allow them to do the most good," said Cooper. "It leaves the decisions to what is being purchased in the hands of the people who are there, who are on the ground with firsthand knowledge of what is going on."

The warden said Haiti has been through so many tragedies in recent times and can't seem to find a break. They had just begun to find their way after substantial floods and then the earthquake struck, said Cooper.

"I think this is a test of faith and a chance for the faith that exists to find affirmation in little ways and big ones," said Cooper. "Certainly the outpouring of generosity from our corner of the world and the rest of the world affirms, to some degree, faithfulness."

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