Friday, March 9, 2012

Homeless people could soon sleep in AG church parking lot

From California-

Some homeless could soon call an Arroyo Grande church parking lot home, but the program is raising issues with both neighbors and homeless people.

The proposal comes at the same time San Luis Obispo police have been increasing their patrols and citations along Prado Road. That's after increased complaints from neighboring businesses about the RV's and cars homeless people park there. City code prohibits sleeping in your vehicle over night.

3,774 people are homeless on any given day in San Luis Obispo County, according to the 2011 Homeless Enumeration Report performed by the Homeless Services Coordinating Council.

The new program would start out by helping just three people or three families, but organizers say they hope it leads to much more. It's a hole homeless people on Prado Road say desperately needs to be filled.

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