Monday, March 5, 2012

Sentamu criticised for writing column in Sunday Sun

From The Church Times England-

THE Archbishop of York, Dr Senta­mu, attracted criticism this week when he wrote a column for the first edition of The Sun on Sunday, saying that the newspaper represented a “fresh start”.

The Sun on Sunday replaces the News of the World, which was closed by Rupert Murdoch in July last year after revelations about phone-hacking at the newspaper. On Monday, the Leveson inquiry into media standards was told by the Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Sue Akers, of a “culture of illegal pay­ments” to public officials at The Sun.

A spokesman for Dr Sentamu said on Tuesday that he was on retreat, and so would not yet be aware of Ms Akers’s comments. He said that Dr Sentamu was approached to write for the first edition of The Sun on Sunday, with the option to continue writing, but “there is no indication about anything going forward.”

He said: “The Archbishop has written for The Sun for a number of years; it is not a new thing. He is trying to reach a wider audience. With all the articles he writes, his intent is to get the gospel message to them, to reach out to people who aren’t necessarily in the Church.”

In his column, Dr Sentamu said that he expected that he would be criticised “for writing in a newspaper which will be seen by many as filling the gap left by the News of the World. However, I am always one for responding to change positively and embracing new beginnings — seeing the best in all people, especially in adversity.”

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