Saturday, September 15, 2012

Author Anne Lamott talks about faith, politics, and her new grandson

From Tennessee-

Novelist Anne Lamott has built a career of writing hilariously and movingly about her own shortcomings: she's bossy, she's anxious, she often forgets important lessons she's already learned many times. Nevertheless, she has become a kind of patron saint to millions of readers, whole categories of readers, who welcome her advice on parenting, writing, faith, and recovery from addiction. Lamott's book of writing advice, "Bird by Bird," is a bestseller. Her books on faith — "Traveling Mercies," "Plan B," and "Grace (Eventually)" — are bestsellers. Her first parenting memoir, "Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year" is, yes, a mega-bestseller.

Now Lamott is back, this time with her first grandparenting memoir, "Some Assembly Required: A Diary of My Son's First Son" (Riverhead). Written with her son Sam Lamott, who was 19 and unmarried when he learned his girlfriend was pregnant, "Some Assembly Required" is an account of the year Sam learned to be a father and Lamott learned the difficult role of a grandmother: to love recklessly and keep her mouth shut as tightly as possible.

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