Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to kill off religion

From Australia-

WITH an ever dwindling number of churchgoers gracing the front door of their local parish, you'd think the major Christian faiths would be aiming to attract believers rather than repel them.

Yet it would seem Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen is determined to alienate as many people as possible.

Fresh from infuriating every sensible woman in the nation, he's now focused on insulting as many gay men as possible.

At this rate there won't be anyone left to offend.

First up, of course, was the Anglican Church's grand unveiling of new wedding vows which require a woman to "submit" to her husband.

In the wake of a subsequent outcry from prospective bride and grooms who feared they had accidentally booked their wedding ceremony in the wrong century, Dr Jensen sought to assure everyone there was nothing sexist about it.

Men and women are different and must therefore commit to different vows, he insisted, before criticising the "destructive individualism and libertarianism" of "secular views of marriage."

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