Friday, October 5, 2012

Anti-individualist, but Williams speaks his own mind

From The Church Times-

HE was "exasperated" by the slogans of the Occupy protesters; he disagrees that atheists should be invited to present Thought for the Day; and he believes that, no, the Church of England is not in a worse position than when he took office as Archbishop ten years ago.

When asked on Monday night whether he regretted being outspoken during his tenure, Dr Rowan Williams expanded on his answer (in short, no) by providing frank replies to questions that probed some of the thorniest issues he has grappled with.

Dr Williams was speaking at Methodist Central Hall, where he gave the fifth annual lecture of the Christian think tank Theos. Asked by the BBC newsreader Mishal Husain, who chaired the lecture, to look back on certain comments that had got him into "hot water", Dr Williams said: "I do regrets all right, but I do not think that it will do to be too cautious in a job like this. . .

"You are here to try and say what you believe you have been given to say . . . to try and share a particular picture of what the world is like, what God is like. . . You have to keep trying to preserve the big picture."

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