Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rowan Williams defends outspoken approach as archbishop

From The Guardian-

The archbishop of Canterbury has said that making "risky and anything but infallible judgments" is a key part of the job as spiritual head of the Church of England, and that he doubts his successor will disagree.

Three months before he is due to leave Lambeth Palace after nearly 10 years in office, Rowan Williams said that although he had certain regrets he believed the role necessitated outspoken interventions. His comments on sharia law in 2008 proved particularly controversial.

"Oh, I do regrets alright," said Williams, after a lecture organised by the thinktank Theos. "But I just don't think that it'll do to be too cautious in a job like this.

"You're here to try and say what you believe you've been given to say … to try and share a particular picture of what the world is like, of what God is like, which of course leads you into sometimes risky and anything but infallible judgments about particular issues of the day."

Asked if he would be disappointed if the man taking his place on the throne of St Augustine proved less combative, he replied: "Looking at the names that have been mentioned as my successor, I don't think any of them [the candidates] is going to have that problem, frankly. I'm very glad of that."

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