Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christianity as threatened by liberalised doctrine as by Islamic violence: Nigerian Anglican Primate

From Nigeria-

 Christianity is an “endangered species” in Africa, pressed between violence from Islamist terrorism on one side and doctrinal and moral “disunity” among Christians on the other, a leading Nigerian Anglican bishop has said.

The Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, the Anglican Primate of Nigeria’s 18 million Anglican Christians, warned the other African nations that doctrinal relativism, which he called “nominalism,” and the “doctrine of prosperity” – the idea that God rewards the morally upright with material wealth - are creating as serious a threat to the continuance of Christianity as Islamic violence on the continent.

Okoh was speaking at the 2012 Divine Commonwealth Conference in Abuja, on the theme: “Contending For The Faith.” He said that for Christianity to survive in Africa, all Christians everywhere must adhere to a common Christian faith in line with the Bible.

Okoh referred to the Islamic terrorist organisation Boko Haram, which has gone on killing sprees throughout Nigeria and is particularly known for attacking Christian worshippers at services at Christmas and Easter time.

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Anonymous said...

As an outsider with long history of interest in the Episcopal/Anglican world, it seems incontrovertible to me that you all are falling apart from inside and that there is no end in sight. Just your self description as orthodox but staying says that much. My shorthand description is that, at least in the White countries, your church is devolving ever more rapidly into Unitarianism in drag.

For some reason, Bishop Pike came to mind today. The inability of the church to tell the truth about him even fifty years ago, that he was no longer a Christian in anything but the Jeffersonian sense, seems to me to have sounded the death knell, which now seems like death spasms.

A shame.

JCF said...

[Oh, Brave Anonymous! "in drag": why thank you! I'm sure you'd say the same to Jesus, if you ever met him.]

Well, I left my apologia on the linked site (probably get me some nasty emails, but it's a small price to pay, compared to the HELL my Nigerian LGBT brothers & sisters have to endure)

Yeah, Christianity is undergoing "death spasms" alright, Anon (I agree w/ you that much). And it's thanks to people like Okoh, sending ever more young people away, screaming, from ANYTHING that remotely smells of Christianity.

I'm 50. If I live a long life, will there even BE any young clergy to offer me Reconciliation ("Last Rites"/Viaticum) at the end? Or will the hate-filled screeds of the Okohs of today driven away ANY younger person from faith in Jesus Christ?

Grieving for a dying church (in *Nigeria*, not TEC!)