Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Episcopal Church expands missions

From Sarasota-

Leaders from area Episcopal churches are looking at strategies to reach out to the unchurched or those missing a spiritual life.

A mission conference last month in Bradenton that brought together clergy and churchgoers from Tampa to Naples was moderated by the Rev. Eric Cooter, the diocesan missioner since Jan. 1 under Bishop Dabney Smith.

"The purpose of the event was to stir enthusiasm and also to create an educational opportunity to bring in some people that are not theorists, but doing it 'boots on the ground' in other parts of the church," he said.

Speakers included the Revs. Karen Ward and Bob Leopold, both of whom knew Cooter when he led a young adult ministry at Lamb of God, a federated Lutheran Episcopal church in Fort Myers. Cooter also served as rector at St. David's in Englewood.

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