Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Huts for the homeless: 'It’s very secure and very comfortable

From Oregon-

Dianne Sciacca has not wasted any time making herself at home in her new Conestoga hut, located in the parking lot of the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Eugene.

She describes the hut as having a “simple elegance. That’s the only way to describe it: simply elegant.” 

Since Sciacca moved in at the beginning of January, she has already painted the exterior and created a small tile foyer from sampled and broken tiles in front of her hut.

Sciacca is one of three tenants who the Church of the Resurrection has welcomed to live in the new Conestoga huts as a part of an initiative to increase assistance for the homeless in Eugene.

The huts, which cost between $200 and $500 to build, are created with the help of donors and volunteers. So far, the huts have received positive feedback from local officials.

Initially, the Conestoga huts were an experimental living alternative for unhoused members of the St. Vincent De Paul’s Overnight Parking Program. The program sites were for unhoused members of the community to legally park their campers, cars and tents.  

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