Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Church to investigate ‘crying’ Mary

From The Philippines-

The Catholic church here will investigate the incident involving an icon of the Our Lady of Fatima that allegedly wept blood, drawing attention from residents in sitio Kanhai, Barangay Tisa, on Tuesday.

“Ang unang lakang mao ang pagsusi kon milagro ba gyud o katingalahan lang ang nahitabo (The first step is to look into the incident if it is really a miracle or just a mysterious occurrence),” said Msgr. Esteban Binghay, Episcopal vicar of the Archdiocese of Cebu.

“Careful ang simbahan (the Church is careful in its action),” he added.

Blood reportedly flowed from the eyes of the icon owned by the family of Victor Jude Rayla, 42, in sitio Kanhai.

“Milagro gyud ni (This is a miracle),” said Efren Cabrera, 61.

But neighbors who flocked to see the foot-long porcelain statue mocked Cabrera and other believers.

A man drinking beer with friends shouted: “Pagbag-o namo (Mend your ways)!” His words apparently fell on deaf ears for other people proceeded to take pictures of the Virgin Mary and wipe the statue with their handkerchiefs.

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