Saturday, April 13, 2013

Makandiwa wants Daily News closed

From Zimbabwe-

Self-proclaimed prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has declared war on the Daily News and effectively wants the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) to shut down Zimbabwe’s top newspaper after encouraging the media body to “punish the Daily News”.
Makandiwa has approached ZMC, the body that is in charge of regulating media houses and accrediting journalists, seeking severe punishment for the paper.

Among its powers, ZMC can deregister newspapers.

The Daily News has previously been shut down by the government. The latest astonishing move by the controversial preacher comes soon after he withdrew his High Court action against the paper.

Following discussions between legal representatives of the Daily News and the preacher, Makandiwa’s team went on a surprising offensive, concocting the can of events that had led to the discussions between the two parties.

In a venom laced letter to ZMC, Makandiwa’s lawyers are nudging the media regulatory body to use its powers under the draconian Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) to punish the paper for failing to re-publish an apology over an error that appeared on the Daily News’ poster in December last year.

The poster read “Anglican Saga sucks in Makandiwa” instead of “Anglican Saga sucks in Banks.”

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