Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bishop accused of gay discrimination cites 'considerable opposition'

From New Zealand-

The Anglican Bishop of Auckland has today conceded to a Human Rights Tribunal that he is discriminating against a gay man wanting to be a priest, but his church maintains it is not breaking the law.

The Right Reverend Ross Bay is accused of discriminating against a gay man by not allowing him to enter the Anglican Church's training or discernment programme for priests because he is unmarried and in a sexual relationship with his male partner.

Eugene Sisneros, an events coordinator for St Matthew in the City, has taken his case to the Tribunal saying he has been "deeply affected by this discrimination".

Bay told the tribunal when he met with Sisneros in 2010 he was open about his sexuality.

He said Sisneros seemed to understand that even if he was allowed to enter the training programme for clergy he could not be ordained because of his gay relationship.

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