Friday, May 10, 2013

Organists confess to tune-smuggling

From The Church Times-

THE secret, says Jeffrey Makinson, sub-organist of Manchester Cathedral, is to clothe the theme in a different harmony, tempo, or rhythmic metre. Even then, there is a risk that your mischief will make at least a few ears prick up.

Half of churchgoers have heard of an organist slipping unexpected tunes into a service, suggests a new survey from Christian Research, which has been published to coincide with the Christian Resources Exhibition International next week.

From sneaking Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a prayer" into a sung eucharist to playing "Money, money, money" during the collection, instrumentalists appear to be combining the topical with the irreverent. One of the 2250 respondents recalled hearing "Roll out the barrel" during the funeral of an alcoholic.

Organists are not above using their instrument to exact revenge. Stephen Goddard, who carried out the research, told the BBC Sunday programme last week that one organist, when asked to play at a former boyfriend's wedding, segued into "Can't help loving dat man", as the couple processed back down the aisle. At one church in Glasgow, an organist bearing a grudge against the choirmaster opted for "Send in the clowns", as the choir took their places.

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