Monday, September 30, 2013

Faith and Spirituality at Swarthmore: A Conversation with Joyce Tompkins

From  Swathmore-

Since last spring, discussions at Swarthmore have increasingly brought attention to the diversity of groups and identities present on campus. Absent from many of these discussions is the topic of religion. This series will seek to explore religious life at Swarthmore by highlighting an individual perspective every week.  The series will discuss the challenges faced by specific students who identify as religious as well as highlight the religious communities that give students of different faiths the opportunity to gather, learn, and engage in rituals and traditions.

This week, a reporter spoke with Joyce Tompkins, the Religious and Spiritual Life Adviser and Interfaith Coordinator at Swarthmore. In an interview, Tompkins touched upon the campus’s secular climate, religious students’ reluctance to discuss their views, and the religious community’s perceived silence during the events of last spring.

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