Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pastor helps lead effort to support child-led orphanages in his war-torn homeland

From Sheboygan-

This story is one in an occasional series of articles about Sheboygan County residents who work to make Sheboygan and beyond a better place.

Rev. Samuel Nsengiyumva has served St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Sheboygan Falls as pastor for a decade, but he has not forgotten his homeland of Rwanda and the genocidal war that occurred there in the 1990s and which saw millions flee the country and left thousands of children as orphans.

And his parish hasn’t forgotten either.

This past July, three families, led by , traveled to East Africa. The trip was a homecoming for the Nsengiyumva and his wife, Rose, who left their country under very difficult circumstances in 1997. The trip also marked their 30th wedding anniversary.

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