Friday, January 3, 2014

Church's stance – along with those who support it – is rather confused

From Leicester-

On December 23, the Anglican Bishop of Sherborne, Graham Kings, told Justin Webb on the BBC Today programme that secularism was needed in Egypt, Syria and Iraq to help prevent the murder and persecution of Christians.

This is the usual stance of the Church of England in respect of countries where Islam is the established religion.

The stance of Bishop Tim Stevens in respect of our diverse communities in Leicester is directly opposite.

Here, we are told, in his open letter to the city mayor, that it is the Church of England that embraces all our beliefs and that its headquarters, the cathedral, provides a neutral welcoming space – even for those such as myself who think that the Christian belief in the existence of a God is so much mumbo-jumbo.

The Mercury's editorial opinion piece on December 20 backed Bishop Tim's view with a declaration that "Leicester is not a secular city", supporting this opinion by reference to the presence of so many religious groups here.

In doing so it conflated two different things – secularism and atheism.

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