Wednesday, January 15, 2014

National Cathedral opens worship space to free classes and more to boost profile, coffers

From The National Cathedral-

When Congress authorized the creation of Washington National Cathedral in 1893, it envisioned a national spiritual home. Decades later, it became a setting for presidential funerals, sermons by the likes of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and worship services for epic national tragedies such as Newtown and Sept. 11.

Seeking to transform the historic institution’s mission and heighten its public profile, the cathedral’s leaders recently removed the thousands of chairs usually in its 10-story Gothic worship area for a week of unconventional events in a suddenly changed empty but dramatic space.

On Monday night, the nave was filled with dozens of people in socks after a lesson by a tai chi master with a silver sword. On Wednesday, a chorus will perform an unusual 40-part song while walking across the marble floor (cathedral officials call this “extreme polyphony”). On Friday, the soaring space will be open for an all-night vigil and be stocked with yoga mats and meditation cushions.

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