Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Up to 300 civilians die fleeing fighting in South Sudan

From Columbus & The New York Times-

The Right Rev. Hilary Garang Deng, the Episcopal bishop of Malakal, said he had received reports of the panic onshore, with people “running for their lives, fearing because the rebels were advancing.”

Deng, who is in Juba, the capital, said there was little concrete information on the disaster because phone service in the city had been cut.

Rebel forces attacked Malakal, the capital of the oil-rich state of Upper Nile, once again yesterday, officials said. The city has traded hands twice in the conflict, with the rebels capturing it, then retreating in the face of a government assault in late December.

On Sunday, according to Doctors Without Borders, 94 gunshot victims arrived by boat at a hospital in another city, wounded in the fighting on the front line outside Malakal.

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