Monday, July 21, 2014

Can Anglicans, Catholics unite on role of women? Opinionline

From USA Today-

What people are saying about Church of England allowing women bishops

The Sydney Morning Herald, editorial: "(Last) Monday, word came from Rome that Pope Francis is considering allowing priests to end their vow of celibacy. Also on Monday, the Church of England voted to allow women to become bishops, overturning centuries of fiercely guarded tradition. ... The Herald hopes Pope Francis does act on his signal. We'd like to see the role of women in the Catholic and Anglican churches become more reflective of the dramatic change in the rights and roles of women in the societies and communities these churches exist to serve."

Monsignor Mark Langham, The Tablet: "This is a critical moment for ecumenical dialogue. Anglicans do not seem always to realize how difficult (allowing women bishops) is for Catholics. ... It is true to say that hope of (an Anglican-Catholic) union has receded. There is no midpoint now between having women bishops and not having them. (Consider) how two traditions, one of which ordains women bishops and one which does not, co-exist. The rug has been pulled from under those who longed for unity."

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