Saturday, July 26, 2014

Churches searching in wake of same-sex marriage

From Oregon-

It’s been two months since Oregon has joined other states in allowing same-sex marriage. While the state has made its decision, local churches are all over the board on this controversial issue.

Some stand firm in their traditional views of marriage, some know what they believe but are trying to figure out how to respond, some are entering new waters in their denominations and some have been waiting a long time and are cheering the ability to marry homosexual couples.

“We have had phones flying off the hook, and couples in our congregation who have been ‘married’ for years are getting a reaffirmation in their own church, state and home,” said Associate Pastor Emily Goodnow of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Salem. She can think of six same-sex weddings coming up in the next few months. “It’s been really fun. Our church has been overjoyed.”

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