Saturday, August 9, 2014

A summer camp for young singers in Newport that some find ‘life-changing

From Rhode Island-

 Some kids live for camp; others live for choir camp.

Not for the sing-alongs and marshmallow roasts, mind you. The Royal School of Church Music’s (RSCM) fifth annual Summer Singing Course — or “camp” as it’s known — is a place for kids and, more recently, adults, who are serious about music.

ake Connelly, a 12-year-old baritone from Worcester, Mass., made his singing debut at age two.

“Funny story,” said Connelly, who wore a striped bow-tie underneath his vestment. “I went to my first church service, and after the choir was done with the first piece I stood up in my pew and sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” all the way through!”

He had to “wait and wait and wait” until he turned seven to join his church’s choir. At age eight, his parents sent him to the RSCM summer singing course in Newport. Even since he went to boarding school in New York City, he has returned here for his fourth summer.

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