Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Episcopal Bishop Andrew Wissemann's grandchildren remember a funny, caring, spiritual 'grampy'

 From Massachusetts-

It's not everyone who has a beloved grandfather who is also a bishop, known for his people skills, love of reading and gardening.

Yet, 27-year-old David Wissemann, of Sunderland, was happy to have had that relationship with the Right Rev. Andrew F. Wissemann, the sixth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts.

The younger Wissemann was seated, with other family members, at the reception that followed the Aug. 25 liturgy and burial of the bishop at Christ Church Cathedral. He died Aug. 20, in his mid-80s, in Longmeadow. He had served as bishop from 1983 to 1992.

"He was a great man and his spirituality was evident. He was always so caring and generous, even near the end of his life," he said, with wife Jessica Marsh Wissemann, 27, adding, "And he was funny."

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