Monday, August 25, 2014

Trinity Renewed: Keller Links Health of Episcopal Church to Community

From Little Rock-

He may only be “interim” dean and rector of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Little Rock, but the Rev. Christoph Keller III has no intention of being a place holder.

When he took office six months ago, Keller told Little Rock developer Rett Tucker, a longtime church member who helped recruit Keller, that he intended to be an “energetic interim.” To that end, Keller has launched an effort to reinvigorate the cathedral, which will mark the 130th anniversary of its downtown founding on Oct. 30.

He has committed to serving the cathedral for two years.

Keller links the redevelopment of the cathedral and the redevelopment of downtown.

“There are two different kinds of redevelopment going on,” he said in a recent interview. “There’s the redevelopment of downtown, of which the cathedral is a part, and there’s also a redevelopment and kind of a turnaround effort going on at the cathedral. I think that they are mutually reinforcing in a small way.”

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