Friday, October 17, 2014

Pray for us, say Bermuda Anglicans

From Bermuda-

Anglicans around the world have been asked to pray for Bermuda as it braces for Hurricane Gonzalo.

The call went out today from Bermuda’s Anglicans while the Island still deals with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fay.

Fay’s 100mph winds caused flooding from sea swell in coastal areas. They also left many roads impassable because of fallen trees, and left most people without electricity, cellphone coverage or access to the Internet.

The storm caused no fatalities, although there were numerous injuries as windows and doors blew out under the pressure of the wind. However, Bermuda is now facing a much bigger potential danger in Gonzalo, which has become a Category 4 hurricane and is predicted to make a direct hit on Bermuda on Friday morning with wind speeds in excess of 130mph.

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