Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Southeast Florida diocese announces 5 nominees for bishop coadjutor

From ENS-

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida has announced its slate of nominees for bishop coadjutor of the diocese. The nominees were presented to the Standing Committee by the Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee, which was tasked with leading the process, which began seven months ago.

The nominees are:

The Rev. Michael J. Battle, vicar, St. Titus Episcopal Church, Durham, North Carolina;

The Very Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe, rector, St. Peter’s in the Woods Episcopal Church, Fairfax Station, Virginia;

The Very Rev. Peter Eaton, dean, St. John’s Cathedral, Denver, Colorado;

The Rev. John C. N. Hall, rector, St. Boniface Episcopal Church, Sarasota, Florida; and

The Rev. Allen F. Robinson, rector, St. James Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland.

Detailed information about each nominee can be found online here.

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