Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Attempt at humor falls flat, mischaracterizes parishioners

From Minnesota-

The road to hell, it is said, is paved with good intentions.

In my case, the road to hellish — or at least boorish — behavior was paved with the intention to be funny. Unfortunately, my intent went awry, and in the process I inadvertently caused offense and unintentionally leveled insult at a place and a group of people who deserved none of it. In other words, I tried to be funny and I wasn’t, and in the process, I hurt a lot of people whom I shouldn’t have hurt and disparaged a lot of people whom I didn’t intend to disparage. It was a stupid mistake on my part. For that, I am truly sorry and I apologize.

What happened was this: In the Lifestyle section of each Weekend Edition we run a feature that we call Mystery Shot, a feature we have been running since 2008. In the feature, we show part of a fairly well known structure in Steele County and ask our readers to identify the place pictured — something which our readers are very good at doing. Then, the next week, we identify the place pictured and tell which of our readers correctly identified the place. Occasionally, a couple dozen ID the place, sometimes only a few.

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