Thursday, August 27, 2015

From South Africa-

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is expected to be discharged from hospital by the end of next week, his daughter said Thursday, as his health improves under treatment for a persistent infection.

The 83-year-old Nobel peace prize laureate was readmitted to hospital on August 17 after being troubled by the infection, which his family said was a consequence of prostate cancer treatment he has received for 18 years.

His daughter Mpho Tutu told journalists in Cape Town that his family were keen to see him back home.

"We hope that he will be able to return home by the end of next week maybe, and he will take all the medication and not need to be on the intravenous stuff.

"He won't make a fuss about being uncomfortable and so sometimes that makes it a bit challenging for the nurses," she added.

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