Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Can churches lead on racial harmony?

From The Christian Century-

A low hum sweeps across the sanctuary, drifting above the bowed heads of huddled prayer groups, beyond the joined hands of black and white worshipers. Earnest whispers carry words like harmony, unity, forgiveness, and peace. Outside, a police car idles as day fades to dusk at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Less than a week earlier, nine people had been fatally shot during a Bible study class at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. But the service here on a June day was not a vigil. It is the product of a bond established months before—between mostly white Oak Mountain and the predominantly black congregation of Urban Hope Community Church.

In the aftermath of the Charleston shootings, the grace of the members of Emanuel AME showed the power of faith in promoting racial harmony under the most trying conditions. The leaders of Oak Mountain and Urban Hope Community are persuaded that, going forward, churches have a crucial role in bringing that progress to America as a whole.

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