Monday, August 3, 2015

Why I Am (Still) An Episcopalian

From Patheos-

I'm deeply committed to my faith, not because of what I imagine I can bring to it, but because of what it brings out in me. I am not Episcopalian because it seems to me be the only way to pursue a spiritual life, but because the Anglican tradition is the best way for a spiritual life to pursue me.

I'm not Episcopalian because I think I'm a smart person — although this tradition, which values intellectual exploration and the asking of questions makes use of my reason in ways other traditions did not. Great thinkers from Thomas Cranmer to Rowan Williams offer encouragement that I too can know God in some fashion through the use of my intellect.

I'm not Episcopalian because I'm an artistic person — although this tradition loves beauty, boasts such creators as C.S. Lewis, R.S. Thomas, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Barbara Brown Taylor, and P.D. James, and honors that side of me that creates as being a reflection of God's own creativity. I'm not seen as an anomaly in this tradition, but as someone in the mainstream of Christian imagination.

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