Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Good disagreement: Can the CofE hold it together?

From Christian Today-

The Church of England has got a lot going for it. The Archbishop of Canterbury is respected and highly capable, it's not doing too badly numerically and it's got a bit of swagger back in its step.

On the other hand, even though the vexed question of the consecration of women as bishops was passed last year and they have been coming thick and fast ever since, no one could say that it is an entirely happy family. The elephant in the nave now is human sexuality, code for "Is it OK to be a gay Anglican?" This is a far more bitter pill for conservatives to swallow than the female bishops one and it could yet make shipwreck of the entire enterprise. It has arguably already done so for the Anglican Communion, of which it is the mother Church. The ties that bind it have never looked so fragile and there is quite a good possibility that a meeting of Primates called to Lambeth in January to resolve the question of how Churches stay Anglican while loathing each other will end in catastrophic failure.

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