Saturday, October 24, 2015

Grace Episcopal Chruch: A beacon in Port Orange for 125 years

From Florida-

The spiritual vision for a house of worship along the west bank of the Halifax River some 125 years ago is still standing today and is as vital to the community as it was then.

The Grace Episcopal Church, 4110 S. Ridgewood Ave., was built in 1890 by the Meeker, Milburn, Hayden, Heaton, Vieullaume and Hammond families to meet the needs of their small town, which had a general store, hotel, winery and a doctor. For many, praising God meant a long and difficult journey by riverboat or horse cart to St. Mary’s located six miles to the north.

“The original church building has lasted through many hurricanes and much more,” Father Rick Burhans said. “God definitely has had his hands on this building.”

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