Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kenyan Church Welcomes LGBT Members

From VOA-

In early September, the Anglican Church of Kenya revoked a priest’s license and suspended four others for alleged homosexual activity. It sent a message that there is no room for homosexuality at churches in Kenya.

But there is one place where members of the LGBT community - that is lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people - are welcome for Sunday worship.

Lilian, for whom this is not her regular church, sits in the back. The 28-year-old is lesbian.

“For a long time, I had not attended normal church because I felt like the likes of me are not accepted," she said. "Many people don’t know that I am gay. If they knew, they would look at me differently. But I choose to go where I am accepted, where I do not have to hide my identity.”

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨Reverend Silaz Mukulwa of the Anglican Church says ministers should steer gay people toward straight lives.¨

Here lies the truth: Silaz Mukulwa+ is a dangerous and evil man at Church. Primate ++Eluid is puffed up opportunist and grandstanding GAFCON instrument of non-purity...I have been repeating these words for a lifetime...discrimination against LGBTI Sisters and Brothers at Church/beyond is simply fear and hatemongering...why is that heterosexual male perverts dressed in flowing religious garb think they know anything about right and wrong when they exclude, marginalize and outcast LGBTI people at Church? Disgusting lot. Narrow minded bigots and ignoramouses on the prowl.

JCF said...