Saturday, October 3, 2015

On the mend: Archbishop of Canterbury calls meeting with disgruntled provinces

From Mississippi-

Earlier this month, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called for a gathering of the Anglican Communion in what is expected to be an attempt at healing.

The Anglican Communion has been troubled following the 2003 induction of the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, by the Episcopal Church of the United States. In response to Robinson’s election, the church’s more conservative bishops created a subset within the communion in 2008, the Global Anglican Future Conference, holding their own meetings and creating their own jurisdictions.

“As of now, the GAFCON primates have said that if the Anglican Church of Canada and the U.S. is at the table for the January meeting, they will not attend,” said the Rev. Paul Stephens, rector at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Tupelo, “And that’s unfortunate.”

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