Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

From Religion and Ethics Weekly- (video)

The work of the Episcopal Church, says its new presiding bishop, is “to find ways to be a bridge community that brings differing people together under the rubric of love.” (Curry is being installed as the new presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church at a service on Sunday, November 1, at Washington National Cathedral.)

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Project Samizdat said...

What will be of interest is whether Bishop Curry as the new head of the Episcopal Church will apply the wonderful sentiments in his speeches on the 'Jesus Way' of kindness, love and inclusion for all to dissident conservatives within his own Episcopal Church? He leads an organization that has spent apparently around $40 million on suing those who want to leave and trying to confiscate their buildings and financial assets. Is this really the Jesus Way? I am hoping for more kindness from this Bishop: