Saturday, November 7, 2015

Episcopalian Columba House ministry helps young adults live by pillars of faith

From Georgia-

From the outside, Columba House doesn’t look like much yet.

There are no signs to distinguish it from similar houses along the lower end of Central Avenue.

But inside the pink Craftsman-style house, big things are beginning to take shape for young Episcopalians in the area.

The furnishings are sparse – a couple of used couches and a few tables. Missioner Ranie Neislar is looking for donated items to help turn the house into a home.

But it won’t be just any home. If everything goes according to plan, three full-time residents will move in next summer and commit for almost one year to living intentionally by the pillars that shape the Columba House ministry.

“An intentional-living community is a community that essentially is shaped by a common rule of life,” Neislar said. “They’ll adopt this shared rule of life.”

The residents will share meals and will pray together every morning and every evening. They’ll facilitate group discussions among young adults and college students who attend the weekly meetings, and they’ll hold social events for those young adults, all under Neislar’s direction.

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