Thursday, November 5, 2015

Theological liberalism is tearing Christianity apart

From Irish Catholic-

A big concern for many conservative or orthodox-minded Catholics during the recent Synod on the Family is that the Catholic Church might be about to go down the same road that has been trodden by Anglicanism over the last few decades and which has led to that communion almost falling apart.

In response to this fact, in September the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby announced a special meeting of Anglican primates to take place in Canterbury in January.

The Guardian newspaper reported the development as follows: “The Archbishop of Canterbury is proposing to effectively dissolve the fractious and bitterly divided worldwide Anglican communion and replace it with a much looser grouping.“

Justin Welby has summoned all the 38 leaders of the national churches of the Anglican communion to a meeting in Canterbury next January, where he will propose that the communion be reorganised as a group of churches that are all linked to Canterbury but no longer necessarily to each other.”

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