Monday, December 7, 2015

Congregation seeks national recognition for St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

From Alaska-

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church established itself on the banks of the Chena River when the gold mining supply camp it served began calling itself Fairbanks at the turn of the century. Over the next hundred years it opened a hospital, library and served as a hub for Episcopal missionaries reaching out to rural Alaska.

In the 1960s it established an alcohol rehabilitation program for the community. Since then, the Episcopal church has gone through its own changes. The original log cabin-style building burned down in 1947 and was replaced with the log cabin church that sits there today.

There are still original pieces in the church, like the altar, lectern and communion rail, which were carved in 1905 by Isabel M. Emberley, a nurse at St. Matthew’s Hospital, from oak shipping crates.

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