Monday, December 14, 2015

UPDF officers in mass wedding at end-of-year party

From New Vision (Africa)-

This was perhaps what God intended from the very beginning — a moment when all his children, Anglicans, Muslims, Catholics, and Pentecostals, regardless of their very different backgrounds, came together as one family to do something pleasant in his name.

He perhaps didn’t intend for there to be divisions, rejection, and discrimination along faith lines, after all, we are all his children — though different.

And that is what was on display Saturday at the army armoured brigade barracks in Masaka, when 15 UPDF officers, from Anglican, Catholic, Islam and Pentecostal faiths, said “I do” at a grand ceremony organized for the uniformed officers to “beautify their marriage unions before God”.

It did not matter here that the uniformed officers belonged to different faiths. They were joined in Holy Matrimony (for the Christians) and Holy Nikkah (for the Muslims) at one function, at the same gardens, and the same UPDF brass band saluted them after they exchanged their vows.

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