Sunday, January 24, 2016

Africa, Anglicans and Catholics: The Heart of Christianity Moves South

From Aleteia-

Last week the Anglican world was rocked by the decision of the world’s Anglican bishops to suspend the Episcopal Church of the United States from active participation in the Anglican Communion for a period of three years. The suspension was driven by the Anglicans in the developing world’s anger with the Episcopal Church’s formal decision last summer to validate same-sex weddings.

The politics of the decision are complicated. Unlike Catholics, the Anglicans do not have a unified authority structure. Each of the Anglican national churches are independently governed while voluntarily belonging to the Worldwide Anglican Communion. Put simply, the bishops of the developing world — led by African bishops — pressured the rest of the Anglican Communion to discipline the Episcopal Church. While this might seem a minor matter of Christians squabbling, in fact the implications for both Anglicans and Catholics are historic.

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