Thursday, January 28, 2016

Priest, 71, rescued after being lost in -43 C storm on snowmobile trip

From Canada-

A 71-year-old priest who lost his way on a gruelling snowmobile journey to Ontario’s most northern community was found alive after running out of fuel in a -43 C winter storm while returning from a pastoral visit.

Moses Kakekaspan, the priest at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Fort Severn, a remote First Nation’s community of 335 on Hudson’s Bay, became lost Tuesday in a nighttime storm when the headlight on his snowmobile burned out, his satellite phone broke and he eventually ran out of gas.

He suffered only mild hypothermia.

“It is a beautiful country here, but it is very unforgiving,” said Sgt. Matthew Gull, commander of the Peawanuck patrol of the Canadian Rangers, a largely aboriginal Canadian Forces reserve unit, who co-ordinated the local search.

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