Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chattanooga Anglican, Episcopal leaders say the dust-up between them is a family argument, not a divorce

From Chatanooga-

The Anglican Church and the Episcopal Church insist they are not at war.

However, a group of Anglican bishops have fired a shot across the Episcopal bow with the message: Stop where you're at and reverse course or things could get really messy.

Some media reports last week made it seem as if the Episcopal Church was in danger of being tossed out of the Anglican family after it was suspended from voting for three years on issues of policy and doctrine within the Anglican Communion, which is made up of leading bishops — known as Primates — from the 38 Anglican provinces across the world, including the Episcopal Church in America.

While Episcopalian clergy and lay leaders can debate and discuss issues with other leaders in the Communion, they will have no official say in final decisions.

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