Thursday, January 21, 2016

Primate of Brazil reflects on Primates’ actions in Canterbury

From ENS-

As I expressed earlier, I did not want to communicate anything prior to the end of the meeting regarding the heat of the debates that followed the discussion taken by the majority of Primates in relation to the Episcopal Church of the United States (TEC). In other words, the temporary suspension for three years from all decision-making entities of the Communion, rooted in [TEC]’s decisions with respect to the Matrimonial Canon.

Today I arrived in Brazil and would like to share a pastoral word with the Church regarding this matter. This issue took up a disproportionate amount of time from the meeting and was very difficult for all of the Primates. The most extreme position of the GAFCON primates was to demand an apology or require the withdrawal from the Communion of both TEC and the Church of Canada. This position caused a reaction that brought the Primates into the center of the debate, and the more progressive members sought alternatives that might have caused a drastic break in the Communion, along the lines of what the secular media had repeatedly predicted before and during the meeting. The final resolution what I call positive in terms of keeping the Primates at the table and with the desire to continue conversations on the emblematic grounds of sexuality. In the decision that was taken, the Church of Canada was not included, as there has not yet been a definitive decision taken at the synodical level regarding a matrimonial liturgy for same-sex couples.

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