Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry speaks on Primates’ statement

From ACNS-

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in America, Michael Curry, has given a detailed response to the statement about the Episcopal Church issued at last month’s Primates Meeting. Bishop Curry was answering questions at a Newsmakers event at the National Press Club in Washington DC last week when he was asked for clarification about the consequences of the statement for the Episcopal Church.

“Firstly, the Primates understood clearly that we as the Episcopal Church are committed to the Anglican Communion but we are equally committed to being a House of Prayer for all people,” he said. “And as I said to [the Primates in Canterbury], we believe in full inclusion and marriage equality . . . not as a social programme but we believe in it because the outstretched arms of Jesus on the cross are really about welcoming and embracing us all and that we are all the children of God, created in God’s image and likeness. And I believe that that’s what love bids us do.

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