Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cool nun wants you to watch movies the Catholic Church condemned

From The New York Post-

Back when I was a boy in Astoria, Queens, the Catholic Legion of Decency’s film ratings were posted right next to the confessional at Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church.

“My mother used to put them right on the refrigerator!” says a laughing Sister Rose Pacatte. Now 64, Sister Rose — a member of the Daughters of St. Paul and founding director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies who’s covered the Sundance Film Festival for the National Catholic Reporter — will host a series of movies that received “condemned” ratings from the Legion, or were altered to avoid one, on Turner Classic Movies every Thursday this month.

“I don’t want to just dismiss the Legion and what they wanted to do,” Sister Rose says of the influential group founded in 1933 to combat sexual material in films, classifying them as A (morally objectionable), B (morally objectionable in part) or C (condemned).

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