Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Retired Anglican priest gets 12 months house arrest for assaulting three boys in the 1980s

From Canada-

An Ontario Court judge took a 40-minute recess to collect her thoughts at Chatham court Tuesday before sentencing a retired clergyman to 12-months of house arrest.

Justice Gerri Wong looked at the victims seated in the body of the courtroom as she described their case as one of the most difficult to come before her since her appointment in 2014.

"I doubt there is anything the law allows me to do to give you satisfaction," Wong said.

Earlier, assistant Crown attorney Nick Bazylko took almost 10 minutes to read aloud three victim impact statements.

A publication ban protects their identify, but all three victims, the Crown said, wanted the accused, Harry Brydon, 66, to hear their statements.

"It took every ounce of courage and strength to come forward ... for others to also find the strength," one victim wrote.

Another recalled "attempting suicide so many times I couldn't count.

"You made religion and the church - the devil."

And a third victim wrote: "I have never had a successful relationship."

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