Wednesday, June 22, 2016

At 90, Bishop Ball is All Saints' Episcopal Superman

From Albany-

After he fell and broke his neck four years ago, a surgeon told Bishop David Ball: "You're not supposed to be alive."

On Saturday night, 250 well-wishers from as far away as Boston celebrated the 90th birthday of the retired 7th bishop of the Albany Episcopal diocese during a party at the Fort Orange Club. A receiving line never waned for the beloved spiritual beacon of the Cathedral of All Saints, the one they call "Superman."

"The injury the bishop sustained when he had his fall took Superman Christopher Reeve from us (at 52 in 2004)," said Charles Dumas, 62, who was baptized by Ball at age 6 and who has served as treasurer and in other leadership posts at the landmark cathedral. "David Ball is in many ways, especially spiritually, our Superman."

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